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Jeklefab Automotive

You Dream It, We Build It

JEKLEFAB Garage & Mod Shop in Kelowna BC, is a full-service automotive repair and custom car shop specializing in Resto-Mods. We service most makes and models to custom build your dream, whether you are restoring a vintage car or need modifications on your 4 x 4. We pride ourselves in honesty, producing the utmost quality product, and guarantee our work. Our team of journeyman mechanics were drawn together by a common thread – a passion for building custom Resto-Mods. Every project we manage is unique, artistically challenging and exciting.

Automotive Repair Kelowna

Our passion is custom restoration, but if you need basic automotive repair, we can do that too. Visit page two, “Automotive Repair” for a list of car repair and maintenance services we provide.

Call: 778 753 6865

Jeklefab garage kelowna


D6-8775 Jim Bailey Cres

Kelowna, BC V4V 2L7


Monday to Friday: 8:00am - 5:00pm

Saturday: By Appointment Only

Closed Sundays


Phone: (778) 753-6865

Email: contact@jeklefab.com