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Automotive Repair

Although our passion is building cool cars and custom 4 x 4’s, we also provide automotive repair and maintenance services to our community. From high performance engine repairs to brakes, we offer a comprehensive list of car and truck repair services for valued customers throughout the Okanagan.


Have you had your brakes checked lately? We have 3 certified automotive technicians on staff to keep you safe on the road. We install high quality new parts, from brake rotors to brake pads, cables and shoes. It is important that the brake fluid is clean and we inspect the hydraulic system – master cylinder, brake callipers and wheel cylinders – for irregularities and cracking. We recommend flushing the brake system every two years. See your vehicle’s manual for recommendations.


Did winter beat up your suspension? Signs of suspension damage include drifting or pulling during turns, rough riding, and uneven tire tread. If you suspect your suspension is damaged or worn, bring your vehicle in and we can inspect it for you. We have built a solid reputation for our exceptional automotive repair services.

Air Conditioning / Heater Repair

IT’S HOT!!! Does the A/C in your vehicle work? If not, we can help. We will re-charge the system up to 3lbs of refrigerant. That will include basic diagnostics of the system if it doesn’t work correctly.

Okay, now baby, it’s cold outside. Seasonal swings in temperature can make it difficult to get to work or drive the kids to school on time. A good heater beats the cold and keeps the family happy, and the last thing you want in below zero temperatures, is frost buildup on your windshield impairing your visibility. Keeping your heater in good working condition is not only important for comfort, but vital for road safety. Come and see us today before the snow flies and frost hits the fan.

Oil Changes

Regular oil changes keep your engine running smoothly and reliably. Oil changes maintain engine lubrication, keeping engine wear to a minimum and act as a coolant to optimize longevity. Engine wear particles and sludge build up over time, causing corrosion and decreasing fuel efficiency. It may seem like a hassle keeping your log book up to date with regular oil changes, but the importance to your engine cannot be underestimated.


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